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richmond farms

Fresh Produce direct to you

Richmond Farms is a grower group that includes our own farming operation in East Anglia & Lancashire with our own packhouse in Lincolnshire. We grow root crops in East Anglia and Lancashire and we are one of 23 members of the Richmond Farms grower group.

We established the Richmond Farm grower group in 2006. The benefits of membership for growers include free agronomy advice, free technical audit advice, long-term payment deals on the purchase of seed and a commitment from Richmond Farms to market the whole crop.

The Richmond Farms grower group now has 23 members and 37,000 tonnes of dedicated crops. Our own farming operation is M&S Field to Fork, Tesco Nurture and Red Tractor certified, which is a large indicator of the quality and attention to detail we put into the crops we grow ourselves.

Richmond Farms also has its own sales team with the emphasis on quality, fully-traceable produce to every sector of the market. The Richmond Farms brand is now well established as one of the best-known and respected brands for UK root crops.


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